About Me

The first writing I ever did was a play I co-wrote in the fourth grade about Spanish settlers coming to Florida. As a Pittsburgh native, I never dreamed I'd  one day be a resident of the Sunshine State myself. Fate, and my  husband, had other plans.

I live on an island in the Gulf of Mexico. Because we have no beaches and no high-rise condos, we're not a tourist destination although we do have a lot of "snowbirds." 

After a few false starts, I finally published my first book in 2016 drawing on some of the experiences I had as editor of our local newspaper. That book grew into my Calusa Town Tales series.

My second series centers around my favorite food group. Just Desserts includes five standalones, each featuring a different dessert.

For most of my life, I have sung with a variety of community and college choruses. I drew on that background for Making Time with the Maestro.

Another standalone is Yuletide with the Rookie. Every author needs a holiday story, right?

Of course, being a Pittsburgher, I am a lifelong Steelers fan. I've also been employed in various roles in academia, so I combined football and campus politics in Climbing Ivy Covered Walls.

Since I've been fascinated by astrology, numerology, feng shui and the like for many years, I filled a town with people who practice those "arts" in my book Serendipity.

A close friend of my  husband lived in a beach town in California that we visited many times. San Silvestro in Brokering Love is loosely based on that charming town.

I always enjoy opposites attract stories. My latest The Movie Star's Bottom Line is just that.

The one thing all my books have in common is a happily ever after. I hope you enjoy them.